David Evans for School Board

I have been honored to serve our community for the past six years.  There is more to be done.  I would appreciate your vote!

Priorities for Progress

Survive and Thrive

It is easy to say, but hard to achieve.  We want each student to survive and thrive.  

We have one opportunity to help launch each of our kids.  It is a complex challenge, but, in my mind, there is nothing more important that we do in our community.  The responsibility falls heavily on our schools.  But we must think creatively about how we connect across the community so that each student is ready to survive and thrive.

Many of our young people are very well prepared for work and continued learning.  But others are not.  There is important work to do.  Work that includes revisiting fundamental assumptions about what "ready" looks like and what school looks like.

A Return for Taxpayers

Liberty area taxpayers have been strong supporters of education.  I believe that is part of what keeps Liberty vibrant.  It is important that our schools continue to honor taxpayers by using funds wisely.

Exemplary Educators

Our community is blessed with excellent educators and effective resources.  The challenge is to find and share best practices so the team becomes stronger than the individuals.  I see good examples of this in all of our schools, but there is so much more to do.

About DaviD Evans

Service in the Community

I have served on the Liberty School Board since 2012.  As President for the past three years, I have been continually impressed with my colleagues on the board.  I work hard to serve the diverse interests of our community.

I enjoy supporting our youth.  I've served in a variety of ways through church, scouts, and youth sports.  Maybe I'm trying to stay young! 


My wife, Laura, and I met in college in Texas.  After a couple years working in Houston we returned to Kansas City.

We moved to the Liberty School District in 1996, with three young boys.  They have since graduated from Liberty High School.  We are pleased to be able to watch as they survive and thrive.

Day Job

While my volunteer work on the School Board is important, I also have a financial services practice in Liberty, called Premier Network.  We offer financial planning, investment management, and insurance services.  

I have previously worked at Cerner Corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and Hewitt Associates.


Growing up I moved from Ohio to New Jersey to Missouri.

I graduated from Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri.  Then from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a BA in Economics.

Key early learning moments that fueled my interests:

  • Leaning over the fender of a 1969 Cutlass as my dad explained how it worked.
  • Failing to complete a "radio show" synopsis of The Invisible Man with two of my 6th grade friends.
  • Watching mom can tomatoes, and wondering how the lids sealed and the food was preserved.
  • Baking a cake for the scout bake sale.
  • Selling magazines for band in 7th grade.
  • Delivering papers every morning before school...and trying to collect the monthly subscription fees from my customers.
  • Being the new kid in the middle of 8th grade.
  • Discovering that Eugene Chang smoked me on the English portion of the SAT because he read the dictionary in his free time.
  • The list could go on and on...

Learning Together...Now

Great things happen at the intersection of curiosity and need.  We have amazing resources in Liberty.  We also have a "need" in the form of nearly 13,000 students in our community.

I love the opportunity to explore brain science, educational techniques, public financing, construction practices, organizational management, and so much more.  I seek to provide useful guidance with input from the community to shape an approach that fits for us.  

But the only thing that matters is the moment when emerging thinking reaches students.  We need to have a sense of urgency.  Each day matters for our budding citizens and our community.

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